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The 'Carolinas Quidditch Conference' is the premiere Quidditch Conference, in North and South Carolina. It was created to promote unity in the Carolinas as well as organize the region. The CQC currently consists of 13 member teams and 4-5 prospective teams under development. It is an indepedantly run group from the IQA, so as to not limit the freedoms of Carolinian teams. That being said, they work in conjuction with the IQA, as some teams are IQA official.


Originally, the conference was to be named The 'Southeastern Quidditch Conference' and consist of a larger range of states. After failed attempts, Founder, Jeffrey Lusk, took over in late fall 2011. The format was then changed to promote unity among the key group of the SEQ, North Carolina and South Carolina teams. The original members prior to creation consisted of entirely NC teams (UNC, UNCG, NCSU, Duke, App State). By Januaray, 2012, the CQC expanded into South Carolina territory. They also have made one exeption to the Carolinian rule, with the admission of Eastern Tennesse State University.


Blue team and Green team from Finals match at the Whomping Wilmington Beach event

The first CQC sponsored event was held on August 25th, at Wrightsville Beach, NC. The Whomping Wilmington Beach tournament consisted of 3 pickup teams, featuring players from UNC, UNCW, UNCG, NCSU, Winthrop, App State, and non conference teams UMD and NYU.

The Inagural Regular Season started off September 15th at UNCG, where they were routed by UNC. Conference Championships are Scheduled to be March 23rd, 2013 in Greensboro, NC.


For an indepth list of current Member teams, and Prospective teams, click the category 'Teams' below, or go to:


The first Official Championship is set to take place March 23rd, 2013 in Greensboro, NC. For a list of previous state champions and regular season winners, head to:


Two award systems will go into effect, sometime in early March, 2013. The first system will be based on Regular Season play. It will be the less organized of the two, being as stats are not currently recorded by teams. The second will be Championship Awards. These awards will be announced at the end of our Championship Tournament. A List of these Awards can be found by clicking the 'Awards' category below, or by this link: