Tournament AwardsEdit

At the end of our championship tournament, several awards will be handed out to players who show exemplary performances. Some will be physical prizes, some will be stats/votes based. These awards are:

  • Champions - Trophy and Title Awarded
  • 2nd Place - Medals?
  • 3rd Place - Medals?
  • Last Place - Gag Gift
  • MVP - Most Valueable Player
  • MVK - Most Valueable Keeper
  • MVC - Most Valueable Chaser
  • MVB - Most Valueable Beater
  • MVS - Most Valueable Seeker
  • Rob Snitch Award - Best Snitch (voted on)
  • Most Sportsman Like
  • Most Sportsman Like Team

Regular Season AwardsEdit

At the end of Regular Season, before championships begin, Stats based awards will be decided. These awards are:

  • Regular Season Champions
  • NC and SC Regular Season Champions
  • Regular Season MVP
  • Regular Season Most Sportsman Like Team
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Rookie Team of the Year

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